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We chose to name our firm after a statistical concept, r-squared, because it encapsulates our philosophy for research and investing. In statistics, r-squared measures how well a model fits a set of observations. As the number of meaningful data points increases, the model generally becomes better at predicting future outcomes and the r-squared value increases. We seek to maximize the r-squared of our research model by developing a deep understanding of the drivers of the global economy.


Research is the core of our firm. We have studied hundreds of years' worth of global  macroeconomic trends and market data to develop a framework for evaluating current market conditions.

Global Perspective

Given the interconnections of the global economy, it is essential to understand economic, political, and market dynamics worldwide. We are experts in developed and emerging markets across the globe.

Exceptional Culture

Our firm culture and people are essential to our research, investment, and business processes. We foster a university-like atmosphere, encourage big thinking, and believe in a meritocracy of ideas.


Our process for approaching the global markets


Portfolio Construction


Risk Management

Portfolio Analytics


Using extensive historical studies, we have built a deep understanding of how the global economy operates and how markets are likely to react to changes in underlying economic drivers, such as growth and inflation.


With this knowledge, we aggregate and analyze real-time global economic and financial data and study changes in monetary policies, fiscal policies, exchange rates, and capital flows.


Based on our understanding of market drivers, we hypothesize how events are likely to unfold and the expected impact on global markets.


Based on our theories for how global economic themes are likely to unfold, we search for value across global markets, looking for instances in which investors appear to be mispricing underlying economic realities across global equity indices, currencies, commodities, and fixed income markets.


At any given time, we monitor hundreds of these opportunities, selecting the ones with the most favorable risk-to-reward prospects to include in our portfolios. As we evaluate potential opportunities, we consider not only the merits of the investment on its own but also how it relates to other slices of our portfolio. Ultimately, we seek to construct portfolios with as many unrelated positions as possible to produce excellent risk-adjusted returns that are uncorrelated to traditional investments.


Once we have identified the optimal opportunity set for our portfolio, we compare our desired exposures to our existing holdings and execute trades to match the two.


Depending on our economic outlook, we may take long, short, or spread positions in liquid markets around the world.


In order to determine when to execute a given trade, we consider market timing, current investor positioning, and price momentum.


We evaluate ongoing risk at both the position and fund level.


On the position level, we monitor ongoing volatility and risk-reward characteristics, and we constantly evaluate incoming data to ensure that the underlying investment thesis still holds true.


On the portfolio level, we monitor the correlations of the fundamental underlying economic drivers among positions and seek to diversify our exposure across economic themes, asset classes, and regions.


We invest only in highly liquid markets, avoiding markets without sufficient liquidity and transparency.


In the final phase of the investment process, we analyze our investment performance and trade execution.


This process informs our future trade ideas and portfolio construction decisions and helps us deliver transparent and comprehensive performance metrics to our clients.


All five phases of our investment process happen concurrently and iteratively, leading to a systematic and fluid investment process that is consistent and repeatable over time.

Always Learning: Our process is never complete. With each success and failure, our process evolves and improves.


Years of Data


We have built extensive proprietary systems to monitor and trade


Liquid Assets


Developed Markets


Emerging Markets

GLOBAL DIVERSIFICATION: We trade long, short, and spread positions in equity indices, fixed income, currencies, and commodities across 36 of the world's largest  economies and aim to provide stable returns, uncorrelated to traditional equity and bond holdings.


We cultivate talent and draw bright self-starters



Chief Investment Officer

Chief Executive Officer


    About Emma

    Emma guides R-Squared's operations, finances, and compliance. Prior to R-Squared, Emma worked in corporate finance and financial regulation.

    Emma graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University.


    About Ankur

    Ankur leads R-Squared's research and investment programs. Prior to R-Squared, Ankur was a trader at Bridgewater Associates.

    Ankur graduated cum laude from Princeton University.

" The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. " -Steve Jobs


Our culture defines us

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Our research forms the core of our investment process



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